Hospitality PREMIUM package

Provide  information about yourself, social links and work samples

to people looking for Hospitality services.  Grow your follower base, expand your reach, showing them samples of your work while letting them know WHY they should hire you.


Your listing will showcase:

  • Name
  • Stage/Business name (if applicable)
  • Style/Genre/Type
  • Website  
  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • Three (3) Social Media Links
  • Six (4) photos/images
  • Two (2) HD images
  • Six (6) links to videos/music 
  • Four (4) links of your choice
  • Description of you, your business, what makes you different/better/special 
  • AND receive free hat from us as a bonus!


This is an annual subscription which will auto-renew on the anniversary date at the regular listed price.  Cancel auto renewal anytime - 100% hassle free. 

Hospitality PREMIUM package

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Hospitality PREMIUM
Annual subscription for South Beats Miami LIST
$480.00yearly/ auto-renew
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